Common Signs of Rodent Infestations and Mice Infestations

Pest infestations are fairly common problems faced by millions of people worldwide. Rats and rodents have been infesting our homes and shelters since the dawn of civilization. Rat infestations anywhere in your property can cause severe problems for your health and peace of mind. Rats or mice have known careers of many dangerous pathogens. Any exposure to this disease causing pathogens or eating contaminated food can result in illness and even death. Rats can further deteriorate your belongings and cause severe monetary losses by damaging your property as well. You should inspect every corner of your property for some signs of rat infestations. Call in professional pest control services for effective rat pest control and removal. The early you notice the signs of infestation the easier it becomes to get rid of them. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some common signs of having rat infestations at home. Keep reading below and inspect your property for these signs.

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Common Signs of Rodent Infestations and Mice Infestations

  • Droppings, Faecal matter and Urine –

    The most common sign of rat or mice infestations is their droppings, faecal matter and urine. Rats are nocturnal animals that come out at night in search of food. You can see their droppings and urine in all the places rats inhabit. Kitchen, cabinets, cupboards, drainage and attics are some common places where you can look for their droppings. If you see any dropping, make sure you wear gloves and dispose of them properly. A severe case of droppings will indicate the severity of the infestation, and hire professional pest control services right away.

  • Teeth and Gnaw Marks –

    Rodents have a habit of biting stuff and belongings which can be witnessed in your home as well. You can look out for chew marks or gnaw marks anywhere you suspect them to have infested. Damaged paper, cardboard boxes, clutter, and food cans will show some signs of teeth marks on them. A visible gnaw mark or multiple chew marks may indicate rat infestations.

  • Nests or Other Habitats –

    Rodents and rats tend to inhabit dark, moist, and secluded places. Mice are known to build nests using clothes, paper, cotton, and fabric, etc. if you see any of these materials scattered around or torn in professional pest control services. You can also watch out for their nests in your backyards, lawns, garages, and attics. Hire pest controllers for an effective rat pest control service asap for rodent extermination.

  • Track Marks –

    Rodents are gross and creepy creatures as they crawl and sneak through dirty and wet places. So when you come out at night you can watch out for trail marks left behind by mice or rats. The wet and oily fur and their tails will imprint trail marks on your floors. You can also keep an eye for their footmarks and paw marks as well.

  • Strange Noises at Night –

    Any kind of strange noise coming at night may indicate the presence of rats. Rats will constantly chew and bite stuff which will create noise at night. Strange scratching sounds can also be a sign of rat infestation at home.

  • Live Rat or Mouse –

    The last and most obvious sign of having a rat or mice infestations is a live rat. If you happen to see any live rat or mice moving around in your place, chances are your place is infested. Sighting multiple rats at a time is a sign of severe rat infestations and you need to hire rat control services asap.

Live Rat or Mouse

Live Rat or Mouse

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