Five Spring Bug Prevention Tips From Pest Control Sydney

Here come the spring and rise of pest activity in your home. As the temperature warms after a long shivering winter, many pests begin their life cycle. So, there is no better way than knowing some preventive tips that help to keep home pest-free. Hence, let us see what Pest Control Sydney suggests for the homeowner for bug prevention during springtime.

Springtime Pest Invaders In Sydney:

  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Wasps and Bees
  • Termites
  • Housefly
  • Ants
  • Stinkbugs
  • Roaches
  • Mosquitoes

Spring Bug Prevention Tips For Your XY Home:

Although spring is when the pests, try to attack your property, there are some prevention tips that Pest Control professional Sydney suggests you can follow.

Follow These For Bedrooms:

  • Close the doors and windows as much as possible to minimize the pest movements.
  • Inspect regularly for termite activity in the wooden area of the room.
  • Try keeping furniture away from the walls.
  • Regularly inspect mattresses, pillows, carpets for bugs.
  • Use net shields for the window to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, flies.

For The Kitchen And Dining Area, Pest Control Sydney Suggests:

  • Monitor for leakage in the sink, dishwasher, and pipes and repair if essential.
  • Make a habit of emptying garbage bins so that there is no food left for pests to dinner.
  • Clean all the food crumbs and spills in the dining and kitchen.
  • Don’t forget to cover the food so that pests like flies roaches cannot attack.
  • Mark that the sweet item is a general target for pests; therefore, keep it in the fridge or an airtight container.

The Roof, If Damaged, Provides Comfortable Entryways For Pests:

  • Fill the cracks, holes and repair the damaged roof tiles.
  • Drain pipes provide the moisture source, so clean debris and avoid water to stand there.
  • Inspect the roof for wasps, bees, spider nests.

Along With Home, You Should Also Prevent Pests From Making Their Home In Your Yards; Follow These:

  • Avoid standing water in your yard, as mosquitoes and other pests rapidly breed here.
  • If firewood aligns with the foundation, remove them immediately.
  • Trim unwanted branches of trees, shrubs, as well as mulch the lawn.
  • Keep close the lid of the dustbin.
  • In addition, don’t forget to check the backyard, lawn, attic frequently.


To prevent bugs from making a home in your garage, Pest Control in Sydney recommends:

  • To check corners for nests of was and spiders.
  • Try not to put the scrap here and there.
  • Repair the damage, if any, make it a moisture-free area.


Although you follow these prevention tips yet pests attacks are unavoidable. But regular pest management can prevent any type of pest infestation. So don’t delay contacting Pest Control Sydney and allow them treat your property for a pest-free home.

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