Landlord vs Tenant: Pest Control At Rental Property

Pest control services are meant for treating all kinds of pests in residential as well as commercial places. These places are taken on rent by many and the matter for the pest-free place arises. If the place has been treated or when the pests will grow who will be responsible for their treatment. There are cases of conflict over the kinds of pest and responsibility for the treatment. One thing is fixed if you get a treated property then you have to return the property in the same condition that is after treatment for pest control. We have explained well in this blog who is responsible for what as well as how we do pest control at a rental property and end the conflicts on responsibility. 

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

The Reasons for The Conflicts on Pest Control Responsibility

All know that it’s the responsibility of the tenant to keep the property free of dirt as well as pests because he is living. If you have got a treated house then again the responsibility falls on your side to return the property in a pest-free condition. The fact of the matter is that there is no fixed law or rule to end or solve this dispute. Every landlord owns their rules and regulations and implements those on the tenant forcibly. If the tenant fails to fulfil the conditions they deduct the money for the pest control from the security money. 

Pest Control at a Rental Property

For any type of rental property, you can make a booking with Pest Busters for the professional pest control service. Our professionals are highly experienced and skilled for end of lease pest control service. 

The Steps of Pest Control:

  • The property is inspected properly by the professional pest inspectors who can easily find the type of pests at your rental property. 
  • The safe and effective methods are selected as per the presence of pests. We use three methods which are pesticides spray, heat treatment and fumigation for the pest control. All of them are selectively responsible for treating pests. 
  • The kits and solutions are made ready after the safe removal of the things inside the property which can get affected by the drop of pesticides. 
  • The treatment is done in each specified area and after a few minutes of the service, the complete property is inspected by the professionals to be sure that everything is under control and the property is free of pests. 

The treatment is done considering health as well as the environment aspects such that you get the service harming none except pests at the rental property. 

The Types of Pests and The Responsible Side

These are the expected facts about the responsible side for pest control:

  • The treatment of the flea solely become the duty of the tenant. This is due to the fact that the tenants have kept pets on the property that spread this pest. And the properties maintenance does not include this problem.
  • For tenants who have kept pets (cats or dogs), it is part of the end of the lease agreement that the tenant arranges a flea treatment before leaving the property.
  • Rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders and bed bugs are at the tenant side if he got a treated house otherwise the side changes to the owner. 
  • The landlord is responsible for the pest control if the pests have grown due to faults in the property from an earlier time. 
  • Make a clear discussion with the owner before entering the property and after leaving the property such that no conflict remains. 
Expert Pest Control
Expert Pest Control

The Best Help From Pest Busters

Pest Busters is a leading and trusted name for rendering pest controllers at the most affordable prices. We are in this industry for many years and have been useful to a lot of customers with our amazing and comprehensive service for all types of pests. 

Our teamwork is the reason behind making such a qualitative service. All together we form the best company for pest control in Melbourne. We have a dedicated service called the end of lease pest control which is specially meant for the rental property. We are available on all days so you can book for our services when you feel the need and we will be there with the service.

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