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We are the best solution for complete pest control in Wollongong. Check for our details if you are looking for ‘pest control near me’. We help in removing the irritating pests from your property at affordable pest control prices. Pest Buster’s pest exterminators work hard to expand our pest control services to other areas using advanced pest control methods. We are well-known for our pest inspection and treatment using latest and on-trend equipment. As we are available 24/7, you can call at Pest Buster for any queries. 

Mosquito pest control

To eliminate the risk of getting mosquito bites, you need our home pest control services. We inspect your home and treat the infestation to remove the mosquitoes completely. 

Wasp pest control

To ensure your family’s health, it is very important to carry out effective pre-purchase wasp inspection services before purchasing a new house. Therefore, you can prevent them from building more infestations or mounds in the house. Along with pest inspection we also provide top-quality pest control treatment. 

Woodworm treatment

Bought a holiday home only a few months ago to find it in a damaging condition because of woodworms? Our professional pest controllers are familiar with structure damaging pests. So, don’t waste any more time in contacting us !  

Fly pest control

Feel like fleeing when you see flies? We got you. Not only are flies highly irritating, but they also destroy hygiene conditions. Sometimes, even home remedies cannot stop them from staying away. So, in this case you definitely need to contact our pest exterminators.

Flying Termite control

To attract flying termites, we use baitings i.e., placing feeding stations. As a result, this process of baiting leads to slow and complete death of flying termites. Hence, this way we do our complete pest control services for termites and get rid of them. 

Cockroach removal

Having a cockroach infested home will bring illnesses and diseases to yourself. This is why you need pest control services. To avoid getting diseases, it is best to get in contact with a regular trusted pest management company like us. 

Spider removal

Spiders are definitely not a good business ! They are crawly and creepy creatures. Our pest exterminators are well-known and trustworthy service providers. Similarly, they also treat many spider species. 

Tick extermination

While some ticks are helpful, others are harmful and nuisance creating ones. If you have a garden with many different types of plants, it’ll attract many pests. So, here we are to exclusively provide you with our garden pest control services. 

Moth pest control 

Moths usually hide away under clothes or carpets and it is really hard to spot them. So, instead of spending more on carpet cleaning in future, it is best to bet your money on our pest control services. Moreover, all our pest control costs are fairly-priced. 

Bee pest control

At our pest control company, we provide pest treatment services for each and every type of bees including their species. Moreover, without depending on the size of the pest infestation, we use only organic pest control solutions. 

Rodent control

Rodents are nuisance creating pests that are known to spread sickness and cause damage wherever they go. If it is difficult to remove these pests, which is why you need our professional pest controllers help. Because we use specialized ‘pest control for rats’ methods.  

Flea control 

Our pest control company provides the best pest control services for various pests including fleas. We also provide same day inspection and treatment services. Book our services as quickly as possible! 

Silverfish control

Silverfishes are active during night times and sleep during day times. So, when they come out during night times, they might cause nuisance and disturb your privacy. However, our pest control Wollongong professionals are here to get rid of them and give you a peaceful sleep. 

Domestic pest control

Whether you live in Wollongong or anywhere around, it is common for you to find your home with pest attacks some or the other time. So, you need our domestic pest control services to get rid of them as soon as possible! 

Restaurant pest control

Since pests can live in almost any kind of season, it is easy for them to set up their colonies. Moreover, if they find food, they’ll test the place as their home, especially restaurant kitchens. If you notice any pest, contact pest control services. 

Reasons You Need To Hire Expert Pest Control Services

  • They give your home and office effective cleaning 
  • Saves your money and time
  • Use of eco-friendly pest control solutions for your health’s safety
  • Avoid your building from further damage
  • Explains and advice you about pest prevention

We Provide Emergency Pest Control Services! 

Our emergency pest control services are here to help you tackle any kind of pests problems. With our pest control company’s emergency services, it is easy to identify the pest infestations as soon as possible. Moreover, our professionals are swift and effective in using non toxic pest control solutions. In addition to this, we’ll teach you about preventive measures of pests so you won’t face any problems in future. Our emergency services are also available on the same day of booking. 

Benefits On Hiring Our Pest Exterminators

  • We are your ‘all you need pest control’ team with development and dedicating professionals who are well trained and certified
  • Worrying will not solve your pest removal problems. Hence, contact us for immediate bookings as we are available 24/7 hours round the clock. Also, our bookings are available on weekends 
  • We never over-charge our customers. We explain all our pest control price plans and the necessary approach to their building needs. Only after our customers approve us with an ‘okay’ sign will we start inspecting the area. 
  • Our pest control company is a licensed pest control service provider with a reputable name in Wollongong. 


Do pests cut electrical wires?

Yes, they cut electrical wires to freely move to and fro for easy access.

I found termites on my roof. Do they cause major damage to my roof? 

Termites might cause heavy damage to roofs, walls and ceilings if there are no regular pest treatment services. 

Are your services available in Wollongongs’ nearby areas? 

Yes, our pest control services are available even in Wollongong suburbs and nearby areas. 

Our Services In Wollongong Suburbs And Many More

If you’re in need of pest control services in Wollongong and it’s suburbs like Avondale, Bulli, Clifton, Dapto, etc, look no other than Pest Busters. Additionally, surrounding areas like Barrack point, Avon, Balgownie, etc, are no exception for our pest control providers. We also have local pest control professionals for each and every area. Call us today !