Prevent Bed Bugs With These 7 Golden Rules

Midsummer is one of the worst period for bed bugs infestations. Why? Well, summertime is the time for travelling. The chances of picking up bed bugs on holidays and bringing them back to your place are maximum. Or maybe that cool cousin of yours might end up bringing some bed bugs with their luggage.

So today we will tell you seven golden rules to follow in order to prevent bed bug infestations in your home.

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!

The first step to preventing a well-developed bed bug infestation is to spot it in the early stages. Vacuuming plays a major role in this. It is the key to identifying an infestation and preventing it in early phases. No matter how much you clean your home, bed bugs don’t care. They are present everywhere you can sleep and live, from a dirty motel room to a five-star hotel lounge. Nonetheless, daily vacuuming and keeping your rooms clean can help you identify bed bug infestations before they turn into a major threat. Reducing clutters of garbage also aids in discovering and monitoring bed bug infestations.

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Watch Out for Signs of Infestations

Keep an eye out for common signs of bed bugs to stop their infestation in early stages. Inspect pillows, box springs, and mattresses while changing linens for bed bug faeces, their eggs, or bed bug themselves. Dust nightstand and other furniture in your bedroom regularly. Examine any lamps, empty snack packets, or books on the nightstand for hiding bed bugs. Use smaller vacuums to clean tight spots, and keep an eye out for bed bugs while dumping the vacuum bags.

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Be Watchful While Travelling

It’s very common to carry bed bugs back from trains, planes, hotels, and even taxis. They quickly climb to your luggage and clothes. So once you get back, fight the impulse to empty bags and luggage on your bed. As a matter of fact, don’t even put it on your sofa before you get a chance to clean and inspect it properly. Look for faecal stains or eggs in your bags, and immediately remove them. It goes without saying that same rule applies for your pets. It’s easy for bed bugs to latch themselves to them. Check for any signs of infestation and wash them thoroughly before allowing them on your bed or couch.

Best Bed Bug Control
Best Bed Bug Control

Always keep in mind to inspect bed and couch in hotel rooms for bed bugs.

Unpack With Caution

A female bed bug in your luggage bag can lay hundreds of eggs every day. Bed bugs don’t need to mate for reproducing, all they need is enough blood to feed on for an extended period of time. Hence, you should always unpack belongings with care. Wash and dry them immediately. Soaking your clothes in hot water before washing them can kill all bed bugs hiding inside them. You can use hair dryer at its hottest setting to eliminate any remnant bugs and their eggs with heat. It can also be used for other non-washable items in your luggage like footwear and books. Repeat the process for purses, computer bags, briefcases, and backpacks too. Even if you feel they are clean, it’s better not to store them in your bedroom or near any couch.

More than 90% of bed bug infestations occur due to contaminated luggage bags. It just makes travelling much easier for pesky little pests.

Don’t Ignore Your Office

Lunchbox, purse, coats, and many other stuff which sits on the desk that you share with your co-worker can be a mode of transportation for bed bugs. Place your personal belongings in sealed containers while you are working. Also restrain from keeping footwear, bags, and purses on the floor. You can be as much cautious as you want. But don’t expect the same from your co-workers. Especially if you are in healthcare or social industry where people travel to different homes, be vary about bringing these pests back from your job.


Okay we won’t tell you to ask your guests, “Hey, do you have bed bugs?” But you can find whether they have come directly from a motel or resort that might have bed bug infestation. Don’t take their luggage directly to their bedrooms. Put them in common rooms instead.

Expert Bed Bug Control
Expert Bed Bug Control

Be Cautious with Free Stuff

We understand how hard it can be to resist a comfortable recliner in thrift stores. Or a couch in perfect condition just thrown away on the curb. But you have to resist anyway. It’s better to consult a Professional Pest Control Melbourne company before buying anything that might be infested with bed bug or any other pest.

You can also inspect it yourself with a magnifying glass and flashlight to check for faeces, shedded skins, and eggs of bed bugs. It might enable you to check out signs of bed bug or any other pest infestations. Furthermore, if you do end up bringing something in your house that you shouldn’t have, wash it thoroughly with hot water and use a blow dryer to kill off the pests hidden in it. Remember, maybe the chair you like so much was thrown by its previous owner because he knew it was infested with pests.

We hope you liked our article. Pest Busters provides cheap and affordable pest control services for all type of infestations. Contact us to get schedule the best time for pest inspection and control service for your commercial or residential property.

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