Signs Indicating Termite Infestation at Home

Termites are very common pests that can infest your homes and offices. Termites are also called Silent Destroyers as they often go unnoticed and keep on damaging your goods or belongings.

Termites are small ants like insects that feed on organic matter mainly wood and plants. Termite colonies consist of a king, a queen and worker termites. Most of the damage caused by termite infestation is done by worker termites. Its highly suggested that you hire professional pest control services for termite pest control asap. Ignoring termite extermination and control can result in huge monetary losses caused by damages done to your belongings. The most common wooden belongings damaged by termites are furniture, baseboards, cupboards, wardrobes or anything produces by wood or plant material.

Professionals will use safe and effective pesticides for termite extermination. Affected belongings will be treated to get rid of all the termites. It is very important to detect the signs of termite infestation as early as possible to get rid of them easily. So we are providing you with some common signs indicating the presence of termite infestation in your home.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Flying Termites –

    The most common and obvious sign of termite infestation is the visual sight of flying termites. Flying termites appearing in your property can arise from present infestation or they can also infiltrate your property form the surrounding as well.
    Another big sign of having a termite infestation is the sight of termite wings shredded by them as well.
  • Hollow Sounding Wood –

    Another common sign of having a termite infestation is hollow sounding wooden belongings and materials. As we know that termites eat food to survive so they will keep on eating the wood within the object. As multiple termites begin to eat the wood inside the object will get depleted. This depletion will cause the wooden belonging to sound hollow when you tap it.
  • Blocked Windows or Doors –

    Blocked windows or doors can also be a sign of damage done by termite infestation. As termites chew and feed on wood they will produce moisture and water vapours. This vapour will further deteriorate the wooden window or door causing them to get blocked while closing or opening.
  • Termite Dropping (Frass) –

    Frass is a name for termite dropping which can be noticed in y0our property when you have termite infestations. The frass normally looks like black or brown granular mud or dirt spilled around your property.

Notice Any of These Signs? Hire Our Company for Termite Extermination

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

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