South Sydney

Reliable and Quality Pest Control Service

Pest Busters provides a wide range of pest treatments with proper pest inspection. Ant pest, termite, spider, mouse, silverfish, bedbug, mosquitoes pest control etc are all included. Furthermore, we use the latest techniques and equipment for all types of pest control South Sydney services. Moreover, our local & highly trained experts are just a ring away. Our experts are licensed and skilled as pest exterminators. Pest Busters provides high-quality pest control services and ensures productive results. This also leads to customer satisfaction. Book our quality pest control services today!

Residential Pest Control At Most Affordable Prices

Our residential pest control services ensure quality in the highest regard. Also, we give complete value for money for pest control services. Moreover, our domestic pest control services are available 24/7. We provide pest control services on all weekdays and weekends. We also cover all public holidays. With proper inspection, we come out with the best pest control management and pest treatment. Furthermore, we use eco-friendly products. Thus, our services are extremely safe for your family. Also, our products are pet friendly too! It’s the right time to get rid of spiders, rodents, roaches, ants etc from your house forever. Call us today!

Why do you need the professional help of Pest Control experts?

D.I.Ys can work to some extent when it comes to pest control. But for long term pest control, you need a professional to handle it. We ensure in providing high-quality services. Thus, we aim to reach high productivity goals. While getting an expert exterminator you are assured:

  1. A full inspection
  2. Implementation to eradiate the pest infestation
  3. Tips to prevent pest invasions
  4. Follow-ups for effective treatment measures

With all such advantages, you are ensured to eradicate any pest infestation with a professional by your side. 

Ant Control 

Pest control South Sydney experts provide a total inspection for ant pest control. Then, we use ant bait traps for easy control over the ant infestation. Also, by using proper insecticides we ensure ant control at your home. Plus, we provide extremely affordable ant pest control in South Sydney.

Cockroach Control

We follow the step-wise process for complete cockroach extermination. Therefore, we identify the infested area. Thereby, we decide the correct treatment by looking at the infestation at your home. Additionally, we monitor the infestation rate after the treatment and do follow-ups (if necessary). Therefore, this ensures the complete eradication of cockroaches from your property. 

Spider Control

Pest control  South Control experts have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with spiders. Also, our experts are updated with the multiple spider pest control methods. Moreover, we are well aware of the government standards for pest controls. Plus, we provide same day spider control at an affordable cost. 

Rodent Control

Pest Busters’s professionals hold in-depth knowledge when it comes to rodent pest control treatments. We ensure to use various effective treatments with baits and traps for rodent control. Along with this, we use extremely environmental and pet-friendly chemicals. Therefore, this also ensures the safety of your family. 

Silverfish Control

Our experts give satisfactory results for controlling silverfish infestation. Additionally, we are dealing with silverfish for years. Therefore, looking at the intensity of silverfish infestation, we provide the best treatment. Moreover, our technicians are highly skilled and well trained for silverfish pest control treatments. Also, we use environmentally friendly products.

Stinging Insect Control

It is usually an emergency when it’s a stinging insect infestation at your home. Therefore, with our rapid emergency services, we deal with the wasp and bees infestation. Moreover, with our efficient treatment, we ensure proper cleanup without leaving any nest particles behind. Therefore, leaving no potential avenues for any stinging insect. 


  • Is pesticide use safe for dogs and children, as well as adults?

The pesticides used at Pest Busters are extremely safe and pet friendly. Also, its children and human friendly too. 

  • Is pest control affected by the weather?

Our experts keep everything in mind while performing any pest control treatment. Therefore, we are result-oriented even regardless of the weather. 

  • Is your business prepared to help in an emergency?

Pest Busters provide 24/7 emergency pest control services. We are open on weekends as well on holidays.