Various Types of Biological Pest Control Agents

The application by which one living organism controls another one is known as Biocontrol. This can be also called as the biological pest control. This application is introduced mainly to reduce the pest population and produce yields that are pest free. This method is known to be self-sustaining as well as long-term method that is used to manage the pests and plants that are invasive. The applied living organism in this particular system is used for suppressing weed infestation. Thus, cockroach pest control method can also help in controlling pests such as pathogens and grazing animals. You should always hire professional for pest control as they know the effective use of the biological control agents.

Pest Control
Pest Control

Biocontrol Agents (or) Biological Control Agents

The biocontrol agents can help you in balancing as well as maintaining the species of a particular plant with the natural enemies.

Types of Biocontrol Agents:

Inundative Biocontrol

This application is quite similar to the herbicide application applied on the weed in high amount. This includes pathogens to control the parasitic nematodes and nuts.

Classical Biocontrol

This agent helps to create an eternal relation between the biocontrol animals and plants and it mostly adopts the natural insects.

List of Biological Control Agents:

Insect Predators

These are commonly known as the free-living species which can consume a large number of preys in their whole life. This happens because of the crop pests in constituted by the majority of the predatory insects. The major predators include in this are Flies, Ladybugs, and Lady beetles, Parasitic Wasps, Spiders, Parasitic Beetles, Dragonflies, and Lacewings.


Pathogenic micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and virus are known to be host specific or can kill the host easily. The microbial diseases can occur naturally with their help. The professional pest control services use pathogens as the biological pesticides.  


These are more pathogenic to insects because they are belonged to the coccobacillus group and are used for the biological control methods. They limit the option for the pests by infecting their digestive tract. This helps to control the insects with the sucking mouthparts such as aphids or insects.


The insect virus used in the biocontrol method is still in inception by the professional pest control services. Thus, the viruses are known to be host specific and turn to be potentially strong biocontrol agents.


There are various types of fungi present but the Entomophaga is known to be most effective towards the pests.

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroach Pest Control

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